Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time - 12 Headed Hydra: FLY-FI

12 Headed Hydra: FLY-FI, get it here Click Here For The Free Download

1) Don't Ever Let Them Get You (Feat. Points) (Produced by awareNess)
2) Sisyphus Builds a Rocketship! (Feat. Jason Horodyski) (Produced by a thousand vows)
3) No Sleep Just Do (Produced by Time, Guitar by Tom Murphy)
4) Self Discovery (Feat. Domain & Input) (Produced by Domain)
5) Stolen Honey (Feat. Robin Walker, Extra Kool, Variex) (Produced by [formalscience]
6) Let Me Fly Away (Feat. DJ Ear Attent)
7) Megaphone Mouth (Feat. Thrifty Astronaut) (Produced by Thrifty Astronaut)
8) Be a Word (Feat. Alexipharmic) (Produced by Doctype)
9) Swagacrat (Feat. Robin Walker) (Produced by Juronimoe)
10) Robot Ghosts (Produced by Seth Schwarz)
11) Dear Denver (Produced by Time)
12) The City is a Bad Printer (a thousand vows remix)

Cover designed by Calm.
Photo by Time


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Thursday, January 6, 2011

11 Headed Hydra: The Great Coffee Experiment Picked as Best Album

11 Headed Hydra: The Great Coffee Experiment Picked as one of 2010's best albums

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