Friday, March 19, 2010

Pink UFO

We've been receiving a lot of attention lately for our song Pink UFO. The lyrics have been translated into Italian and talked about on the news. The video has appeared on 9 News, 31 and 2 as well, including an article in the Denver Post.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Three Headed Hydra: Scarlet Corpse

Download March's album Three Headed Hydra: Scarlet Corpse right here:
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1. Pink UFO (Produced By Doctype)
2. You Can't Eat Me (Produced by Time)
3. Friends I Got (Produced by Shaolin 42nd Chamber)
4. Marz! Feat. Joshie Juronimoe (Produced by Joshie Juronimoe and Vonny)
5. Dead Rocking Horse (Produced by Seth Schwarz)
6. Mirror'n Me Feat. Damon JeVon (Produced by Doctype)

Cover artwork by Malinda Herman


Artist: Time
Song: Pink UFO
Album: Three Headed Hydra: Scarlet Corpse

Pink UFO, Pink UFO
What truth do you know?
What do you know?

Pink UFO, Pink UFO
What truth do you know?
What do you know?

Politicians we're coming with a Pink UFO
Because you think we don't know, that were really not alone
And about the cancer cure you've been hiding for years
You dont care about the people losing money is your fear
People die, children cry, when governments lie
We all know there are UFOs in the sky

You're lying through your teeth, the whistle blowers are the proof
So tell us the truth before we go to the booth
And vote you out of style, with your Pinocchio smile
Were ready for the truth weve been lied to for a while
Were coming, walking tall, storming the hall with a bone to pick
Because were sick, of all this, and the poli-"tricks"

Pink UFO, Pink UFO
What truth do you know?
What do you know?

Pink UFO, Pink UFO
What truth do you know?
What do you know?

To the activists dont stop, get to the top
Keep on fighting for the truth no longer will these lies be bought
The power is in the people so the people need to scream
If we all scream together we can realize our dreams
No more manners, we demand an apology
For all the lives lost from withheld technology

Crack the dark, with your spark, get it right, shine your light
If we all come together we can change the world tonight
We can pave the way if we all stay on track
Would you rather see the light or have us all fade to black
Aim high, hit the sky, expose the lies before were all dead
Were ready for the truth, welcome to earth, enough said

Pink UFO, Pink UFO
What truth do you know?
What truth do you know?

Pink UFO, Pink UFO
What truth do you know?
What truth do you know?

Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready for the truth, ready for the truth?
Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready for the truth, are you ready for the truth?
Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready for the truth, ready for the truth?

Are you ready?

Artist: Time
Song: You Can’t Eat Me
Album: Three Headed Hydra: Scarlet Corpse

You can bite me, you can’t eat me
You can bite me, you can’t be
You can bite me, you can’t eat me
You can bite me, you can’t be X 2

In high school I gave him a demo as we took some pictures
Then he jacked my lyrics like damn they’re delicious
He took my concept for Universal Battle
Then stole my style and tried to hide me in his shadow
But look at me now I’m a little bit older
With two bags of chips on each of my shoulders
It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be last
I keep on changing myself so I’m not affected by the past
And every time they clone me I sprout a new me
So don’t doubt me or believe anything you hear about me
My notebook and my flows like a meal it’s the tastiest
I’m so persuasive I turned the pope into an atheist
They wanna know my spices, my ingredients and recipes
It’s really just love and the rest is just destiny
Look at me now I did it all without a label
And the fuck the IRS, we get paid under the table

You can bite me, you can’t eat me
You can bite me, you can’t be
You can bite me, you can’t eat me
You can bite me, you can’t be X 2

I must be a chef at the hip-hop diner
Cause they keep biting and dashing on all my one liners
I’m glad you like the lab and I’m glad we inspire you
But we’re an indie label, we can’t hire you
I never go to sleep so I piss out coffee
They all tried to copy but they copy so sloppy
He starting choking on my words I gave him the Heimlich
I said, “Why’d you steal son?” He said, “Cause you rhyme sick.”
Class dismissed, you’ve been schooled by Chris
And yes I know you got my notebook on your wish list
They bite like vampires, they bite like Elvis
They bite my freestyles, they green and jealous
Take me away from all these cannibals and liars
I wanna be inspired, not another recycler
You wasted all your wishes on that genie
You should’ve wished to be yourself, cause you can’t be me

You can bite me, you can’t eat me
You can bite me, you can’t be
You can bite me, you can’t eat me
You can bite me, you can’t be X 2

Artist: Time
Song: Friends I Got
Album: Three Headed Hydra: Scarlet Corpse

She wants a baby but she does not
He’s older, she’s younger, the rest are just dumb and dumber
My friend in high school gave me all of his money and his basketball
A week later, I saw his casket fall
He blew his brains out while I was in Spanish class
Ten years later and the damage still lasts
My other friend, he went to jail
My other friends dropped out of high school, cause they failed
My other friends go to church and think they sin
My other friends went to war and came back with less limbs
All my friends have taught me, lessons in depression
But if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have a life
I guess we’re all fucked up with the past as our wife
They found my other friend dead under a street light
I don’t know about my other friends I guess we lost touch
Somewhere in between my goals and them not giving a fuck

One two three four friends I got
Five six seven eight friends I lost
Nine ten eleven and I watch them all drop
Back to zero I wish the subtraction would stop

I used to have a friend that drove forklifts
Until they found him dead in his house next to his families portrait
My other friends aren’t my friends, they’re just shape shifters
Snakes and reptiles with a forked tongue to slit you
A couple of my friends, they died from chemo
And left their kids behind still searching for Nemo
Some of my other friends took my money and left
And when my lungs were collapsed, they helped me take another breath
Another one of my friends, took a shotgun to his face
We used to work together now its empty in that place
Another one of my friends, he turned into a junkie
He called me up everyday with an excuse for money
A lot of my other friends, make music and they’re famous
But that don’t mean that their life is rich and painless
I lost a lot of friends so I got to be a friend to them
Cause if I’m not a friend to myself I’m not a friend to them

Artist: Time
Song: MARZ! (feat. Joshie Juronimo)
Album: Three Headed Hydra: Scarlet Corpse

skinny wrinkled jeans with some dingy ass converse
cheap ass swagger but them niggas know that im worth
a milli and a billi of the girls Imma have about
600 milli have them feeli until I squirt.
i get soo much money that i got a fuckin mindgrane
g shock watch idont even need a time frame
sign language my hands tell everythang
every-thang? everythang Kat Will I A
twettin on twitter but you aint sayin nothin
beats bang soo bloods wanna jump it
In the dirty lab instein like fuck it.
Ill be your professor im sherman Clump'n
Im all out out breath like im california crump'n
Gasp.... let me breath or somethin.
Inhale exhale repel replintish
them niggas talk shit got an asshole dentist.

there they go in the area
landed in space why are we standin here
jupiter cold we been to her anus
hundred bars just another day on mars.

Forgot money, I got motherships and meteorites
I’m a beast on the mic, whether I freestee or write
The last boy, got his ass destroyed
By an asteroid, damn they’re toys
Fisher price emcees, don’t really like me
I’m so damn sick I need some hi-c
Swag like bigfoot, go ahead and try me
Leave you with a gimp foot, Kerrigan why me?
Dirty lab prescription, grimie in my IV
Worth so much money Billy Gates tried to buy me
There they go, dirty lab in your area
Landed in space, why we standing here
Jupiter cold, we been to Uranus
100 bars, just another day on Mars

Artist: Time
Song: Dead Rocking Horse
Album: Three Headed Hydra: Scarlet Corpse

Day one was annoying, so was number 2
One week later the mirrors saying, what are you going to do?
I never answered, I just broke it
Baboon on my back, I grabbed it and choked it
I never provoked it, the past can time travel
I never dealt with it, that's why I unraveled
Stayed silent around my friends, especially my family
Blamed it on myself so it's fuck you and damn me
I cussed it under a rug I thought it would help me
I dismissed the filthy and let the past melt me
That rocking horse turned into a Pegasus and flew away
So did my childhood, soon I’ll be cold and grey
Cremated by closed ears, instead of love he chose fear
He’s clothed in gossip, guilt and beer
I thought those pills had a side effect of forgive and forget
I see a pile of orange bottles but don’t worry I’ll quit
Percocet in my stomach, razor blade in my liver
I brushed my shoulders off into the Ganges river
Temporary relief is better than no relief
But the past can be a bitch she can sneak into your sleep
Day dreams or day mares I call em day scares
And thanks to all my teachers for the good day care
Music’s my escape, imagination is my Lucy
I’m already gone so you don’t have to lose me

Bad things happen to children along with adults
They say tell me what's wrong it won’t be difficult
They say that's not true now wash your mouth with soap
Do you want to live or die I think I’m doing both

I sold Freud some coke he said I told you so
He said it’s about sex I said it’s about blow
They say it’s all about that money till you get that fame
But if you don’t have the money then it’s all the same
That baby rattle turned into a microphone
And that apartment turned into a psycho’s home
That last verse was a prayer for you and me
This verse might be a eulogy for me
I never walked through the valley of the shadow of death
I set up camp there and for 24 years I slept
I never wept until I was 19
My tears ran back up my eyes, reality is frightening
Everyone’s life sucks, so it’s selfish to let your eyes erupt
Denial was my crutch, now I’m legless as fuck
I made it to 25 I guess you can call it luck
The past can be molasses it can super glue you stuck
But I broke free and ran towards sanity
Music is interpretation of reality that's why I use profanity
Remembering is dismembering am I in the stars yet?
The only way to reboot the brain is a head injury or car wreck
I don’t want either, therapist invisible
Without forgiveness your whole life is miserable
I broke my time machine and traded my DeLorean
My inner child's a boy again, I relate to joy again
PSA's used to tell me what to do
But I got knowledge of self from everything I been through
Music's my escape, imagination is my Lucy
I'm already gone so you don’t have to lose me

Artist: Time
Song: Mirror’n Me (Feat. Damon JeVon)
Album: Three Headed Hydra: Scarlet Corpse

This mirror isn’t my friend, it’s just burnt sand
Showing me the image of another dead man
I never broke a mirror, but it seems like I have
Every night when I dream, the glass just stabs
The dust gives me a smoky reflection
When the mirror fogs up, I write my questions
No windex could clean, the things that I’ve seen
The walls can’t talk, they’re just drywall and beams
You’re only as funky as your last hit
So I take a baseball bat to the glass and watch the mirror split
Reversing through my past memories of adolescence
Staring through my rear view, I rear end the present
Head on crash with the future it’s a hit and run
Now I’m spitting up blood and my limbs are numb
Looking out the window I just see myself
Too selfish to see the outside I’m full of guilt
In a distorted hall of mirrors it seems everyone is me
Or maybe I’m a schizo and there’s no society
Mother Nature’s mirror, is an undisturbed lake
But if I kiss my image, I’ll drown in my mistakes
I wonder if mirrors are doors to dimensions?
Maybe I’m the reflection of my real recollection
I broke all my mirrors, now I got good luck
Cause I’m not looking at myself, I’m looking at us

What does a fake face look like? I ask myself in the mirror
The mirror doesn’t respond but the answer is clear

(Damon JeVon)

A face somewhere I’ve seen before
A shattered heart, a place where broken dreams go
It’s kind of hard to tell, I’m hearing whispers
All my visions are parallel
Dark thoughts and secrets
Your reflection only matters in the manner in which you see it
Panoramic, calamity, and vanity
The longer I stare, I the less I see the man in me
But I still stare, and he still there
Feels good, I expected something different
I guess it means the definition of insanity
Mirror to mirror, with a glimpse of infinity
Wipe away the fogged fingerprints of the enemy
Was it me or everything I pretend to be?
Or could it be the end of me?
Guess I’ll find out eventually

What does a fake face look like? I ask myself in the mirror
The mirror doesn’t respond but the answer is clear

I’m looking at my mirror and it’s looking at me
I tried to break all of them, just to get free
But I’m stuck inside of this wall and stuck inside of this floor
I’m up in the ceiling, but I still got this feeling
Try to break out of this, I’m on a row boat
Down a river I could never really get off of
Looking for that waterfall, let the waterfall
I’m not talking bout glasses, I’m talking bout tears
But still I let them go, I alleviate my fears
But I still do it, run away like a June bug
Fourth of July though, I’m blowing up
But still I always got this depression always showing up
Can’t get rid of it, with pills or alcohol
But still I let it go, like let the talcum fall
Let the itch go, let this please leave me
But I can’t so I got to be believe me
Ah, just another lie spoke
When I say I smile, oh let me provoke
Another lie, another person, another cursing, another feeling
That’s okay, let it drip from the ceiling